Second hand is never second best.

At Tom Tom Audio, second hand is never second best and over the last ten years we have built a peerless reputation as the premier source for mint pre-loved and ex-demo Naim Audio equipment backed by comprehensive dealer facilities.

We are true Naim enthusiasts with a unique knowledge of Naim systems from the last 40 years, allowing us to provide meaningful advice and support no matter what age your existing kit is – You will see our unique collection of classic Naim items when you visit.

Tom Tom Audio removes the risk out of buying on the second user market and has gained an excellent reputation within the Naim Audio community. You can now obtain your dream Naim Audio system for realistic prices, safe in the knowledge that your purchase is backed by a comprehensive 12 month guarantee.

What we don’t do is just shift boxes. We provide our customers with top condition Naim Audio components with comprehensive back up that includes the following:-
  • We provide products in A1 condition, boxed with manuals and cables
  • We thoroughly inspect and audition all the components we sell
  • We offer a 12 month no quibble guarantee
  • We offer the best part exchange prices
  • We offer considered and helpful advice with Naim systems of any age
  • We offer fast and efficient mail order facilities
  • We are happy to demonstrate products
  • We are happy to have products officially serviced at Naim Audio
  • We can source specific components to your specification
  • We are Naim fanatics and are genuinely passionate about what we do

Why buy preloved Naim?

Naim Audio has been producing milestone audio products for the last 40 years, many of which have now gained near mythical status. Their constant refinement of product design, stable model range, 'hand built' engineering quality and unique upgrade path have made these products the best second user proposition on the planet.

In a market where the residual values of most manufacturers' products is more often counted in pennies, the market and hence value of pre-loved Naim Audio equipment has always remained incredibly strong. Hence buying pre-loved Naim Audio products allows you to obtain world class musical performance whilst protecting your investment at every stage.

Naim Audio are equally famous for the levels of service back up that they provide and any Naim Audio customer will testify to the warmth and helpfulness of the team in the service department at Naim Audio HQ. Importantly Naim Audio are committed to backing up as many of their products that they can still obtain parts for, and as such you can rest assured that your treasured Naim Audio component of whatever vintage can be kept in perfect working order for many years to come.